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 We welcome Premier/MedImpact as our prescription drug administrator for Riverside CareAdvantage PPO starting Jan. 1, 2014.  If you enroll in the Riverside CareAdvantage PPO you are automatically enrolled in Premier/MedImpact. You will receive  a separate Premier/MedImpact identification card(s) and further details about the prescription benefits.

OnlineServiceIf you have a prescription with the Orchard mail order service,  you will need to get a new prescription to send to Postal Prescription Services (PPS), the mail order service associated with Premier/MedImpact.

will continue to provide prescription drug coverage under the Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan.  There are no major changes for 2014.

Eligible full-time and part-time employees classified for benefits may enroll for coverage. Employees may also elect to enroll eligible family members.

Eligible Dependents include your husband or wife (subject to rules of spousal surcharge); your unmarried dependent children age 26 or under; or your unmarried dependent children at any age who cannot support themselves due to severe mental or physical handicap, if the handicap began before the age 26 limit.

Riverside CareAdvantage Partner 340(b) Specialty Drug Program:
In 2014 Riverside Pharmacy Services is teaming with Premier/MedImpact to bring our PPO health plan participants the Riverside CareAdvantage Partner Program, an important enhancement to our prescription drug coverage. This program allows participants and their covered dependents to access the same specialty maintenance medications that they are currently taking while eliminating the co-payment!  These medications typically cost more than $1,000 per month and include medications like enzyme replacement therapy. 

Specialty drug users will be required to use Riverside Pharmacy Services for their specialty drug needs except for those drugs that cannot be purchased by Riverside Pharmacy Services.

Here is how participants are identified for this program: Premier/MedImpact, Riverside's pharmacy benefit manager, reviews drug utilization to identify potential program candidates on a monthly basis.  The list of potential candidates is passed to Riverside Total Rewards/Benefits Services.  Benefits Services makes an initial call to introduce the program to any new candidates and sends the program consent form for the candidate's signature.  The names of program enrollees are passed to Premier/MedImpact for purposes of program and claims administration.

Contact Information:

(800) 910-1835

Postal Prescription Services (PPS) Mail Order Pharmaceutical Services
(800) 552-6694

For information regarding the Riverside CareAdvantage Partner 340(b) Specialty Drug Program, contact Total Rewards/Benefits Services at (757) 534-5544.

Important Notice

Riverside Total Rewards/Benefit Services
12420 Warwick Boulevard
Building 6, Suite 6B
Newport News, VA 23606


Phone Number:
(757) 534-5544


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