CareAdvantage PPO

The Riverside CareAdvantage PPO plan uses the Riverside network of providers and facilities to offer participants a higher level of benefits and physician partnership when using Riverside providers and facilities.


  • The PPO deductibles are increasing from $0/$0 to $500/$1,000 for both the Riverside Platinum tier and the Non-RHS In-Network tier. 
  • Riverside Platinum Network employee coinsurance is decreasing from 20% to 10%.
  • The out-of-pocket limits are increasing from $3,500/$7,000 to $4,000/$8,000.

Keep in mind the benefits of using the Riverside Platinum Network within the CareAdvantage PPO:

  • This network has been enhanced by the addition of non-Riverside Medical Group providers in cases where Riverside does not have a like specialty within a reasonable distance. As requested, we have added partners such as dermatologists.
  • The primary care offices of Riverside Medical Group have committed to offering same or next day access for "sick" office visits to members choosing the combination of CareAdvantage PPO plus a Riverside Medical Group provider.

Although your PPO plan has open access to physician services, you will be asked during online enrollment to select a Primary Provider who will facilitate your care and help you develop a personal wellness plan. Primary Providers facilitate better access to health care, increase satisfaction with care, and ultimately improve health. You can find a list of Riverside Medical Group Primary Care Providers by clicking on the link below:

Health Plans - Frequently Asked Questions
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