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Aflac provides peace of mind for team members who want the extra security of knowing they're really covered. It can also be a great option for those who can't afford health insurance. Aflac pays cash to you in the event of disability, critical illness or accident, depending on the type of plan you choose. You will also get paid $50 just for completing your wellness visit.

Scenarios where Aflac might help you
I have less than 90 days of PTO or EIB time, or I am not eligible for Riverside’s short-term disability plan. (Note: You must use all your EIB, sick leave, PTO, vacation and/or holiday balances before Aflac benefits will be payable in the event of illness or injury.)
I’m worried that I could be excluded from coverage based on a pre-existing condition. During this Open Enrollment, Aflac is providing no-questions-asked (guaranteed issue) coverage. Plans will pay 50 percent of your monthly benefit for up to six weeks if you are disabled during the first 12 months of coverage due to a condition you may already have. Many other plans would exclude you from receiving any benefits in this situation.
I'm worried about a serious illness. Aflac Critical Illness benefits may offset your out-of-pocket costs or provide cash payments if you are unable to afford traditional health insurance.
I don't have health insurance, and I can't afford preventative care. Aflac pays a $50 health screening benefit. You get paid for receiving preventive care! Also, it covers you in the event of accident, disability or critical illness, depending on the policy you select.
I don't have insurance, and I'm worried about having an accident. Aflac Accident Insurance may offset your out-of-pocket costs or provide cash payments if you cannot afford traditional health insurance. Common accidents such as fractures, dislocations and lacerations are covered for you and eligible dependents. Think about how beneficial this could be if you have children who play sports!

2014 Aflac Plans
Click these links for general rate information. Specific rates will be provided in Employee Self Service as you complete Open Enrollment.

  • Group Short Term Disability (STD) – helps protect your income in the event you are unable to work. Certain restrictions apply on coordination of benefits.
  • Group Critical Illness – helps pay expenses that arise from the diagnosis of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, renal failure, major transplants or occupational HIV.
  • Group Accident – helps pays for out-of-pocket costs that arise from common accidents such as fractures, dislocations and lacerations. 24-hour coverage.

Guaranteed issue
Aflac will offer guaranteed issue (or no-questions-asked) coverage for
Accident Insurance to all eligible team members.

Critical Illness guaranteed issue is as follows:

  • $30,000/employee and $15,000/spouse for team members hired since last year's Open Enrollment
  • $5,000/employee and spouse for current participants (up to $50,000 and $25,000 respective benefit maximums)
  • $15,000/employee and $7,500/spouse for all other eligible team members

Short Term Disability guaranteed issue: $2,500 for team members hired since last year's Open Enrollment

Who Can Participate?
Eligible employees include regular full-time and part-time team members working 15 or more hours per week, starting the first of the month following date of hire. All employees and their covered spouses must be between the ages of 18 and 69. Children of eligible team members can be enrolled up to age 26 (if full-time student).

Group Disability Highlights

  • Guaranteed Issue amount during Open Enrollment as stated above
  • 60% of Salary to $5,000/month
  • Non Occupational Coverage
  • 3 month benefit duration
  • 14 day accident/14 day sickness elimination period - greater of 14-day elimination period or the end of accumulated Extended Illness Bank (EIB), Paid Time Off (PTO), sick leave, vacation, or holiday balances.

Critical Illness Highlights
Guaranteed issue during initial Open Enrollment as stated above. Coverage up to $50,000 is available and modified guaranteed issue rules apply for amounts between $30,000 and $50,000.

Occupational HIV Rider

  • Lump-sum benefits paid directly
  • Annual health screening benefits Included ($50)
  • Reload feature every 12 months
  • No reduction of benefit at age 70

Group Accident Highlights

  • Guaranteed issue
  • Medical Fees: $125 for employee and spouse, $75 for child
  • Hospital Admission: $1,000
  • Hospital Confinement: $200 per day (up to 365 days)
  • Hospital Intensive Care: $400 additional to confinement benefit, up to 30 days per accident
  • Paralysis: Quadriplegia $10,000/Paraplegia $5,000
  • Annual Wellness Screening Benefit ($60)
  • No reduction of benefit at age 70

Contact Information:
Aflac Insurance
(800) 433-3036 (during Open Enrollment)
(888) 674-4228
(757) 229-8300 (fax)

Riverside Total Rewards/Benefit Services
12420 Warwick Boulevard
Building 6, Suite 6B
Newport News, VA 23606


Phone Number:
(757) 534-5544


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