Enrollment 2013

2013 new hires
You have 30 days from your official start date to enroll in benefits. Use the links below to choose a health plan:

Riverside CareAdvantage PPO

Anthem HealthKeepers 25/30 HMO

Lumenos High-Deductible Health Plan

Prescription Drug Plans
EnvisionRxOptions administers Riverside's prescription drug plans for Riverside CareAdvantage PPO and Anthem HealthKeepers HMO 25/30. If you enroll in either of these plans, you are automatically enrolled in EnvisionRxOptions. You will receive a separate EnvisionRxOptions identification card and further details about the prescription benefits.Click here for the 2013 plan highlights. ExpressScripts provides prescription drug coverage under the Lumenos High-Deductible Health Plan. 

Riverside CareAdvantage Partner 340(b) Specialty Drug Program
This program allows participants and their covered dependents to access the same specialty maintenance medications (typically costing more than $600/month) that they are currently taking while eliminating the co-payment! Specialty drug users are required to use Riverside Pharmacy Services for their specialty drug needs except for those drugs that cannot be purchased by Riverside Pharmacy Services.

Lower Rates for a Healthy Lifestyle
Save on your premium by participating in our My Healthy Lifestyle wellness program. To qualify for the discount employees who participate in our Riverside health insurance plans and covered spouses must complete the Physical Exam Verification Form and an online Health Risk Assessment within 90 days of the start date of health insurance. If you have any questions, please call our Total Rewards team at (757) 534-5281. You can also find complete information by visiting My Healthy Lifestyle.

Other benefits

Important Notices

Riverside Total Rewards/Benefit Services
Building 6, Suite 6B
12420 Warwick Boulevard
Newport News, VA 23606

Email: benefits@rivhs.com

Phone Number(s):
(757) 534-5544


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