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Riverside nurses are passionate about their profession, and highly engaged in providing quality patient care. They are always striving to be the best at what they do. Here, you meet some of those nurses, telling their stories in their own words.

Terris Kennedy

"The more expertise we have at the bedside, the better the patient outcome and patient care. We really encourage people to hone their skills and be clinically strong ... that's the foundation of our care."

- Terris Kennedy, Chief Nursing Officer, RHS  

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Amonie Ankrah

"I like working system wide, having been in surgical services, scrubbing with the open-heart team and being a clinical educator. As a new mom, Riverside's child-care center helped me do this, helping me often make my 7 a.m. shift. I've had a good support system here"

- Amonie Ankrah, Nursing Information Systems

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Steve Beebe

"A nurse leader is somebody who is proactive, relies on their own knowledge base and the knowledge base of those who work for you ... it's teamwork and a positive attitude."

- Steve Beebe, Nurse Leader at RWRH

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Debbie Campbell

"Riverside has been great for me, offering tuition assistance and flexible hours that have allowed me to further my education, move up in my career and take care of my family. It's been a win-win situation."

- Debbie Campbell, Director of Nursing at RBHC

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