Riverside Nursing Careers

At Riverside, nurses participate in a shared governance structure that gives us a loud and clear voice. Committees of nurses influence decisions concerning clinical practice, education and research, tools and technology, quality and service, work culture and communication and finance.

Terris Kennedy

"The nursing team at Riverside is composed of a lot of different members who have diverse skill sets, and each member brings their own value to what we do."

- Terris Kennedy, Chief Nursing Officer, RHS

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Job extras

Steve Beebe

"The majority of the employees do 12-hour shifts ... no more than every other weekend ... with full-time benefits."

- Steve Beebe, Nurse Leader at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

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Amonie Ankrah

"The Riverside Child Development and Learning Center helped me get to my early morning shift ...."

- Amonie Ankrah, Nursing Information Systems

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In addition to a competitive compensation and benefits package, Riverside offers:

  • Hundreds of career roles with easy transition and movement across the health-care system.
  • Flexible schedules in a team setting.
  • Scholarships through the Riverside Health System Foundation.
  • Riverside "Clinical Ladder Program" with four levels of achievement that recognize clinical experience and achievement.
  • Staff development education, including beginner and advanced critical-care courses and an operating room clinical internship.
  • Tuition reimbursement for full and part-time educational assistance.
  • Electronic learning.
  • Child care at affordable rates.

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Join our Riverside family
If you are a nurse looking for the best professional environment possible, you belong at Riverside. Visit our employment center to search and apply for jobs online.

Questions? E-mail employment@rivhs.com or call (757) 534-JOBS (5627) or (866) 929-9905.


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