Emergency Room Nurses

RNs in the emergency room make every minute count.

No two days are the same for Riverside nurses working in the emergency room. The Emergency Room RN has to think fast and act quickly because it means lives are saved, good health is preserved and families are reunited with injured or critically ill loved ones.

In the ER, the pace is fast, the environment hectic and the timetable critical. It's a specialty area of the nursing profession like no other.

Because the ER cares for people of all ages, an RN needs to know both general and specific knowledge about health care and be ready to treat anything from a sore throat to a heart attack to a severed limb.

At Riverside, we are looking for emergency room RNs, who are:

  • Experienced in an acute care setting, preferably.
  • Skilled in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • Certified in ER, encouraged.
  • Responsible for delegating non-professional personnel working with patients.
  • Part of a multi-disciplinary team working to create a care plan for each patient.

If you love the excitement of emergency medicine, you belong in the ER at Riverside. Visit our careers center to search and apply for jobs online. Questions? E-mail employment@rivhs.com or call (757) 534-JOBS (5627) or (866) 929-9905.


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